A quick, friendly guide to Pristina - Kosovo

Pristina is capital and largest city in Kosovo. It's located southeast of Europe. Even though it's a small city compared to other European capitals, it still manages to impress with it's character. Pristina's most famous for it's bars and restaurants. While in Pristina you must experience the local Machiatto coffee as it's home to the best Machiatto in the region.


How to get to Pristina

Fly to Pristina
Pristina airport operates direct flights from London, Zurich, Geneva, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Vienna, Hamburg, Hannover, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Bremen, Rome, Verona, Ljubljana, Budapest, Tirana, Istanbul. Don't forget that Skopje airport (in Macedonia) is only 2 hours away by car (100 km away).

By Road
Kosova is well connected with Balkans as it lies in the heart of Balkans, There are major roads that connect Kosova with Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. Some of the most popular routes to Kosova from Western Europe are through Italy, ferry to Albania and into Kosova.

Public Transport
If the train is your preferred means of transport and have several hours to spare, then you can travel by train from Central Europe to Pristina. Apart from trains buses are very popular with people traveling to Kosova from Central Europe. There are direct bus routes to/from Pristina, from multiple cities in Germany, Switzerland, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Belgium, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Getting around in Pristina

Best means of transport around Pristhina are the city buses and cost very little to get around town, so try and have some change on you when visiting. Taxis are available at all times and are dotted around the city but are a little more expensive.

Where to stay

There are plenty of good hotels in Pristina. Accommodation is at international standards at some hotels, but that may bump the cost. Here are some of the biggest hotels in Pristina:

- Hotel Victory
- Grand Hotel Pristina
- Hotel Pristina
- Hotel Baci
- Hotel Ambassador
- Hotel Princi i Arberit
There are other great hotel complexes in proximity to Pristina.

What to do when in Pristina

There are plenty of things do to when in Pristina. If you like coffee it's for you as it's packed with cafes in almost every corner. Around 53% of Kosova's population is under 25 so feel free to say hello because they are friendly. If in the other hand you like to keep fit, feel free to go for a run in Gërmia Park. It's acres of grass and hills with a couple of restaurants on the top that offer good food.

You cannot visit Pristina and not go for a walking tour of the city. The best place to start is Dardania from Bill Clinton street and work your way up to the Pejton neighborhood where there are plenty of cafes and qebaptores which are full most of the time. From there you can take a stroll down to Nena Tereze street towards Hotel Grand and the Government buildings where you will be greeted by the Skenderbeg monument.

Eating in Pristina

Pristina is home to a variety of restaurants with enough tastes to satisfy everyone.

- Restaurant Pjata
- Restaurant Home
- Restaurant Pinocchio
- Restaurant Pellumbi
- Restaurant Pishat
- Restaurant Pilat (traditional Albanian food)

*Please note that Pristina is also spelt: Prishtina

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